Unraveling insights, Building tomorrow.

We are a group of like minded Data Analysts, Developers, Designer, AI Enthusiasts and above all friends, banded together to create impactful solutions for communities and organisations alike.

Our Story

In the dynamic realm of data-driven initiatives, Data Sherlocks emerged in 2022 as a welcoming haven for insightful analysis and community-driven action. Spearheaded by Daniyal, the initiative was born from a deep-seated desire to harness the power of data for the collective good.

What commenced as an individual endeavour blossomed into a collaborative venture when Daniyal joined forces with Musa and Huzaifa in 52023. Together, they embarked on an enriching journey of exploration and innovation, culminating in their participation in the Build with AI Hackathon—a pivotal moment that formalized their collective as a dynamic entity... Read more.

What we do?

Data Analysis and Insights

Utilizing advanced methodologies, our team uncovers valuable insights and trends, empowering communities and organizations to make informed decisions and drive strategic growth.

Agentic AI Apps

Using transformative potential of AI with our bespoke applications. Our team develops intuitive solutions that optimize processes, enhance user experiences, and maximize efficiency.

Data Apps and Solutions

Elevating data capabilities with our custom-built applications and solutions. We develop solutions that leverage data to drive tangible outcomes for communities and organizational success.

Workshops and Trainings

From foundational data skills to advanced AI techniques, we design and deliver trainings to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today's data-driven landscape.

Coding Weekends and Meetups

Fostering innovation and collaboration within the data and AI community. Our meetups provide a platform for individuals to exchange ideas, network with peers, and drive meaningful progress.


Legis Bot Development

An agentic AI App powered by LLM and context trained on Pakistan’s law. This app answer any query regarding any law in Pakistan. The prototype won first prize at Build with AI Hackathon in 2024 sponsored by Google Gemini.

BI Copilot Alpha

An AI LLM powered copilot that assist in SQL Query writing. The tool take complete database schema as input and convert natural language queries into SQL code. View demo

pieSparrow Publice Release

A Python library which lets you build beautiful HTML front end dashboards directly from Python without and knowledge of HTML,CSS or Javascript. Available publicly through pip. Visit website


  • DaniyalFounder

    Solutions Architect, UI/UX

  • HuzaifaFounding Team

    Analyst, Developer

  • MusaFounding Team

    Prompt Engineering

  • HaseebFellow

    Dev Ops, Databases

  • UsamaFellow

    Fullstack Development

  • Shabbir H Associate

    Mobile Developmnet


We are a community led initiative and alway open to add new members. Either you are a student or working professional, we have something for you.

Our community regularly initiate project both for greater good of society at large and solutions which could be commercialised for making organisational process smoother.

The community can be joined at any level and understanding of data and AI world, all memberships above observer levels are reviewed and agreed upon by fellows of the group.

Benefits of joining the community includes free access to knowledge base, access to experts for your personal or professional projects, invitation to workshop and hackathon, chance of being part of commercial projects and much more !

Join Community


Open for all, observers are friends interested in our progress and latest trends around data and AI world. We share insights and news with this group


Open for students, we share tutorial, courses and tips related to data and AI time to time. Students are also invited in our workshops and trainings.


This level is open for working professional who have started their careers in data or AI. They take active part in our open source projects.


Our most experienced members, considered core part of group and are involved in decision making as well as commercial projects of group.